Welcome to Mrs. Snider's Classroom @ CMMS!All Christa McAuliffe Middle School8th graders are welcome here.
Room 213 Alerts!If you don't find what you are looking for here, it's on Edmodo.
Room 213 Edmodo Group Study HallsTypically, Mrs. Snider monitors the Room 213 group 7 days a week.The Room 213 group is what the students make of it.Formal study halls are Monday nights, 7-9pm.
Room 213 tests, quizzes, and assessments are usually on Tuesday.Online tests, quizzes, and assessments due dates will be posted on Edmodo
2015@cmms Edmodo Group Study HallsLike the Room 213 group, Mrs. Snider monitors the 2014@cmms group 7 days a week.The 2014@cmms group is what the 8th graders make of it.This group is the perfect place to make contact with classmates and friends.Here, students can work together on homework and projects, get help, ask questions, catch up on the day's events when absent, participate in positive online activities, or just hangout.
Formal study halls are conducted by CMMS teachers the night prior to common assessments such as the quarterly benchmarks. These sessions are usually, 7-9pm.